Condotel And Suites In Quezon City Metro Manila - New For Sale Philippines - 39679728

Bayo Condotel and Suites' Rent-To_Own payment schemes!!! Spacious Yet Affordable Move-in for as low as 5% [] Down payment! SAMPLE Computation: 2 Bedrooms Flat Unit 57 Square Meters ( 613 Square Feet) Unit Price: P 3,718,000.00 5% Initial Down payment: P185,900.00 Payable in 6 equal monthly installments Month 1-6th: P 30,983.33 20% Down payment : P743,600 Payable in 48 Months Month 7-54th P20,139.00 75% Balance: P 2,788,500 payable via Bank Financing or In-house Financing In-house - Option 1.) Fiver (5) Years to pay is : P60,628 per month Option 2.) Ten (10) Years to pay is : P 40,006 per month Option 3.) Fifteen (15) Years to pay is 33,508 per month *Turn-over is June 2013, If you need to move-in, you will have to complete the 5% Down payment required.Jual Nomor iklan: 50194353 Dilihat: 144 Rp 983.000.000 Lakukan transaksi dengan cara bertemu langsung dengan penjual dan mari bersama kita bangun budaya jual-beli yang aman dan sehat Spesifikasi Alamat lokasi : Jl. terusan Buahbatu, Bdg-Tengah ,kodya Bandung. Kota : Bandung Kota Gordyn GRATIS…</p

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